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Underrated SEO Tactics That Your Competitors Are Likely To Miss

Entering into the world of SEO can be quite overwhelming. Climbing the ranks of search engines like Google can take time, but having patience is key to achieving the ranking you or your company needs to be successful online. Understanding the proper methods and steps to take to outrank your competition is vital. SEO is something so familiar now that any and every business across all industries is working on it effectively to improve their rankings.

If you want to see results, you need to get the gist of SEO. Mentioned below are some underrated SEO tactics that your competitors may have no idea about. These tactics may get you the desired ranking you want for your website. So stick around and go through these SEO tactics to achieve the desired ranking in SERPs –search engine result pages.

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1. Assess Crawl Budget

If you weren’t aware, Google crawls through every page of your website for the search engine to showcase the best results. A crawl budget assesses and ranks the important pages of your websites. Hence, your SEO ranking depends highly on the crawl budget.

A few things can impact your crawl budgets, such as the updates on your website, the internal links you include in your page, the time it takes for your website to open, the popularity of your URL, and the backlinks. Improving these areas of your website can have a tremendous positive impact on your search engine rankings.

PLEASE NOTE: Crawl budget does not refer to the allocation of funds to your business’s SEO budget. To better understand what a crawl budget is, follow this helpful article.


2. Utilize Schema Markup

Many website developers are unaware of schema markup. Schema markup is a format that emphasizes consistent data across different search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Research has found that very few websites use schema markup even though it’s quite easy to use.

Schema markup helps you use the right keywords and structure for your website, allowing you to climb the ranks of search engines quicker. First, you have to choose the category for your website, which could be either product, book reviews, or even movie ratings. Then, you have to edit the code manually and test the markup using Google’s structured data testing tools.

An advantage of using Schema markup is that Goggle will look more into your website and showcase proper snippets in the search results.


3. Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to showcase your website to the world and drive more traffic to your site. In an age where most people have regular access to the internet, social media is often the first reference to research something. So why not take advantage of social platforms that are generally fast and easy to use?

Research shows that social platforms like Instagram and Facebook are one of the most significant ranking factors for search engines. Facebook is often used like traditional search engines (Google, Bing); with potential customers and clients researching businesses and products. Having a strong social media presence with a healthy amount of posts linking back to your website will drive traffic and make it easier for people to learn more about you.

Just having an account on these platforms isn’t enough though; you also have to engage with your audience by sharing regular posts relevant to your products or services. Social Media engagement has a positive effect on your brand authority, improving your rankings.


4. Optimize Your Content

Improving your website’s content and readability will make it easier for Google or any other search engine to recognize and analyze your content. Avoid keyword stuffing by using authentic content unique to your business or industry, while developing a comprehensive list of keywords and titles relevant to your products or services.

To make your content comprehensive, you can use the TF-IDF formula to help your website improve its search engine rankings. TF-IDF encourages you to use the right keywords that are relevant to your page. This way, you will also see the keywords your competitors have used and ones they have neglected.


In Conclusion

Using these useful tactics will help you achieve the desired results you’ve been aiming for since day one. It will help you reduce the SEO clutter that’s in your brain and allow you to focus on scalable SEO best practices. Once implemented, you will see significant results.

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